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Convert Leads Automatically

From Online Contact Form to Instant Conversation

Your chances of qualifying an internet lead DROP by 400% when your response times slows from 5 to 10 minutes. Now, you can instantly increase lead response time by converting each lead form inquiry into an Instant Phone Call… AUTOMATICALLY!

How Does Automated Lead Conversion Work?

After your quick 5 minute sign-up is complete, we setup our proprietary Chain Reaction program to sync with your existing website. “Chain Reaction” – our automatic lead conversion program, can be tied to any outside leads sources you may be buying or using. This includes but is not limited to Cars.com, AutoTrader, or manufacturer leads.

  1. Simply answer the phone call that is INSTANTLY generated to your business or dealership whenever someone fills out a lead form requesting additional information about one of your services, products, or vehicles.
  2. Set yourself apart from other businesses by personally speaking your new lead while they are red hot, ready to learn more, and still surfing your website… BEFORE they move onto a competitor’s listing!
  3. Access your own virtual back office where all calls are recorded for training and full reporting is offered for complete accountability. You will know what calls were answered, when those calls were answered, what calls were missed, and exactly how your leads are being handled.

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Here’s the typical scenario when a customer is searching online for a new vehicle, service or product:

  1. A customer goes to your website, and find’s something they like.
  2. They fill out your contact form and hit submit.
  3. While they are waiting for you to contact them, they continue searching COMPETITOR sites for the same vehicle.
  4. they find the same vehicle from another dealer or business.  Maybe the price is lower, maybe that business gets back with them soon.  Whatever the case, you just lost the sale and the commission.

Could you be more profitable if you didn’t have to worry about the competition?  Listen to actual customer responses below…
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    Actual Customer Reactions...

    Impressed by Speed

    “Holy Cow – that was fast!” says this customer. Are you getting those types of responses during callbacks to leads?Listen Now

    Now that's Service

    “Dude – you guys are on it!” Listen to the surprise in this customer’s voice as he is amazed by the lead response time.Listen Now

    Instant Responses

    “Wow, that was really fast!” says this customer. It’s always a good idea start the relationship out with a smiling customer.Listen Now

    Quicker than Competition

    “I hit the submit button like 3 seconds ago!” Are you able to reach prospective customers this quickly?Listen Now

    Discover how you can convert these leads before your competition even realizes they have one… AUTOMATICALLY!

    Get Me More Customers

    How much is slow response time costing?

    There are three primary ways you can increase your profit via your website:

    1. Increase the Value per Customer through price increases, reduced costs, or getting customers to buy more of what you sell.
    2. Reduce the variable costs to decrease Cost per Visitor.
    3. Improve the rate that you convert visitors to customers

    Optimizing your conversion rate is the key to expanding your business. As shown here, a small bump in conversions can boost profit exponentially. For instance, if you raised your conversion rate from 1.5% to 3% – you just experienced a 100% improvement on the left side of the equation.

    Think bigger… imagine that you improved your conversion rate from 3% to 6% – a 400% overall improvement. It is nearly impossible to experience those types of gains for your business through any other means. Of course, you could always double your prices to customers, or reduce your costs to nothing to get the same returns… if you go that route, we’d love to hear how it works out for you!

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    Respond quicker to customer information requests to increase conversion rates.

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