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Do It Yourself Online Marketing

We make digital marketing so easy a monkey could do it.

Online marketing, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, digital marketing… whatever you call it, it typically isn’t a cheap date. That doesn’t mean it has to be expensive either. Digital marketing does is the best channel for generating returns on your marketing investment. That means, you can typically expect to generate more revenue per dollar invested in digital marketing than most any other form of advertising.

However, for the business owner with more time than money, OR for companies with an internal marketing manager or marketing department, outsourcing online marketing may not be the right fit. Unfortunately, challenges often arise for those who dive right into the deep end of digital marketing without first learning how to swim… or at least doggie paddle.

Challenges with DIY Online Marketing

Employee Turnover

Employee turnover can be a huge problem with an internal marketing department. Think about it. Your marketing director has been managing the digital strategy. She leaves to go to a competitor. Not only does she take her knowledge with her, but she also leaves you with a blank slate and a lot of questions… what’s the last thing she did? Did she schedule social media posts? Did she optimize title tags? Did she update our Google Business listing? Without an automated accountability strategy, in cases of employee turnover, you may end up worse than when you started.

Similarly, as a business owner, you could find yourself in hot water when you start to grow your business. A good marketer could quickly fall behind trying to measure and update everything manually. It’s important to assign tasks to other members of your or, at least, be able to track the work you have already completed regarding SEO, content development, and digital marketing.

Keep a local SEO checklist or marketing task list so that employees have a clear understanding of what’s expected regarding SEO processes and online marketing. Also, it will help with accountability and overall performance.

Technology Changes

Business owners are… busy. You’re expected to keep up with industry changes, new regulations, taxes, HR, operations, and everything else that comes along with running a business. When you add online marketing to the mix, you add a whole new layer of complexity.

Technology changes almost daily which means new processes, new strategies, and new tactics. One wrong move following a search engine algorithm change could tank your rankings and, in turn, your revenue.

Another variable is understanding what SERP changes to ignore and which to pay attention to.  Do I change my metatags? Should I write more content? Is it really that important to have reviews on my website? What about new operating systems?

You can still try to do your own marketing even if you are not intimately familiar with digital marketing or you don’t have the time to keep up with every little technology update. However, we strongly recommend either investing in an online marketing tool or SEO tool like the Calibr8 Technology portal to effectively manage, track and complete all the most important digital marketing updates to be successful. It’s a small investment but worth it’s weight in gold for managing online marketing processes and keeping you accountable for results.

DIY Digital Marketing Tool for Businesses

Online marketing and SEO isn’t rocket science. It’s really not even that difficult. It just takes time, attention to detail, and an understanding of your market. DIY Marketing is best for:

  • Businesses with a limited marketing budget
  • Businesses with internal marketing departments or marketing managers
  • Business owners with office admins – who have time to manage the process
  • Franchise businesses
  • Website designers or Traditional Advertising Agencies

Using an online marketing tool like Calibr8 Technology offers will provide you with a step by step, internet marketing process to manage everything you need to compete online.

Spy on the competition, beef up local SEO, understand changes in rankings, keyword research, competitor linking, reputation management, social media marketing and more.

Then, if you determine you need a little help down the road, JAB WebConsulting is always here to support your digital marketing strategy.