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A few weeks ago I ran across a post on Facebook entitled “Ruin Christmas Using Only 4 Words“. Immediately, I shared the post to my daughter’s page accompanied by the words,

“Let’s Make Gingerbread Houses”.

For all of you blessed with the gift of Pinterest, this phrase may not stir the unbridled trauma in your family like it does in ours. To clue you in, let me share how the “Year of the Gingerbread House” came to be. Read More

signs of failing business

Okay, so it may be a little harsh for a first blog post, but let’s be realistic… it’s not easy being a business owner. Entrepreneurs get into business for themselves for a number of reasons. Sometimes, it’s because they love the work. Sometimes, it’s because they hate being an employee. Sometimes, it’s for the money. But, it’s ALWAYS for the freedom. Then, the business takes hold of you, reality sets in, and your freedom is a distant memory. You’re working 80 hours per week to make ends meet because you have to do all these other things like accounting and administrative tasks and marketing.

So what happens? Well, unfortunately, most businesses fail. According to the Inc.com, 90 percent of start-up businesses will fail within 5-7 years. So, we thought it might help to put together some signs that you should look for ways to improve your business. Thus… the top five signs your business is doomed. Read More