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A few weeks ago I ran across a post on Facebook entitled “Ruin Christmas Using Only 4 Words“. Immediately, I shared the post to my daughter’s page accompanied by the words,

“Let’s Make Gingerbread Houses”.

For all of you blessed with the gift of Pinterest, this phrase may not stir the unbridled trauma in your family like it does in ours. To clue you in, let me share how the “Year of the Gingerbread House” came to be. Read More

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You remember the comedic self-help book turned movie, The No-Excuse Truth to Understanding Guys that debuted about twelve years ago? Well if you missed it, it outlines many of the hilarious excuses people make as they obsess about the reasons a new love interest may not have responded to their advances.  Perhaps he didn’t call back because he is… stuck on a deserted island…he isn’t getting my messages…he is afraid of getting hurt.  When, the truth is, he’s probably just “not that into you”.

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